5 Types of Prospects In The Automobile Business

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5 Types of Prospects In The Automobile Business

Identifying an auto prospect before a meeting is crucial and knowing the type of prospect you are dealing with before meeting is crucial as a salesman. Having full knowledge of the auto product you are marketing is a must to close a sales. Don’t fail to understand transaction is part of our daily life and because we majorly focus on the outcome of financial compensation we overlook at the whole thing only in cash returns. Before we look at the types of auto prospects, first let us look at Sales as (Trans-action)

As a salesman, you need to know sales involves several stages and if not properly followed you might end up losing, you don’t start a sale without meeting and getting to know your prospect and making him gain some level of trust. Without sales, there is no transaction. In other words, trans means the process and faces you must go through before nailing a sale. A transaction is not acting rather pure science cause it has to do with psychology and the ability to identify a selling point, an area of interest and when to close a sale. Win a sale or lose it, every win in a sale is concluded within the Trans stage. You meet with a prospect for the first time, which might also be a faceless transaction and because of haste to make sale many salesmen fail to note prospects has more time than you could think of and are furnished with better offers and options. At this point, you need some level of confidence and observe your prospect body language to notice what he likes about your product which might change his purchasing power.

The next stage is self-marketing, level of assurance, level of confidence, trust and friendship which are the first things you have to market, after which sincerity comes in, don’t be surprised your level of sincerity will be tried and at this level, buyer wants to know if he could count on you for other transaction as a sale professional and friend. It’s in this process of gaining his attention and confidence you close the first and last sale (action). Don’t be afraid of losing the second sale if you succeed in selling the first one it gives room for another opportunity as a returning buyer, also you must be passionate to know what you are selling, be an instructor and more like a consultant and adviser to your buyer. Numerous salesmen don’t know much and are unmindful of diving deep for more information and only beckoning at what they have been told, to know your product as a sale man is a plus.

5 types of Prospect

The knowledgeable Prospect
These are Prospects with full knowledge of what they want, features, where to buy, price, manufacturer, model, unique features, why it was designed and the luxury it carried. Closing auto sales with prospects like this could be effortless or never easy. I was recently buzzed with a specification request 2017 LX570 Sport Plus Engraved at the back, trust me out of the first 95 LX570 you see are either Premium, Base, Sport and Super Sport which are all available in the USA and some part of UAE. A prospect like this could either outsmart you and you ending-up losing the sale or you win the sale by telling him more about what he’s buying, the uniqueness and why he must buy.

The price tag Prospect
This is the types of prospect who’s knowledge is just concern about price and the price falling in their favor, whether the car is from the Lagos port or the documents and duty are intact or not its none of their business as long as the price is in their favor and the interior and exterior is in good buying condition all that it doesn’t matter.

The knowledgeable and price concern Prospect
This is the types of auto prospect with better knowledge of what they want and are fascinated by the peculiarity and the great features of maximum enjoyment but are not willing to pay the price, prospects like this are crafty and desperate, they are ready to cut all corners and cost to make sure it is totally in their favor. This type is the prospect who encourage flying of the vehicle without duty and shot payment.

The little or no knowledge Prospect
These are the type of prospect we call ‘let my people go’ they look at the exterior and interior fittings and as far as the documents are complete they are ready to buy. Effortless kind of prospect to close an auto sale with and without much talk.

Ghost bidder Prospect
These are the kind of prospect that makes an offer at the desperate hour you are in distress and after accepting their offers, you will not hear from them anymore gone into the air and some also pretending to be clients at the end they ask for pictures and say they are bringing clients story.

It is my pleasure sharing this with you please keep in touch as my next topic is going to be more about vehicles manufactured in Nigeria.

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