Tips on Selling Cars Faster Online

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Tips on Selling Cars Faster Online

Car, as a means of transportation from one place to another has and will continue to play a vital role in our lives and that of our society. However, cars are assets with depreciating value. In Lagos Nigeria, thousands of cars are sold on daily basis for a good number of reasons and the numbers of sellers has increased far above buyers, thereby making it difficult to get good deal on car sales. The depreciating value of cars in most cases affect its selling price.

As an auto consultant and marketer, helping clients to sell their cars faster is a key area of auto service business that is in high demand considering the prevailing exchange rate, sellers price, the number of cars outside for sale and low amount of money in circulation.
In view of this, we have put together some tips that have worked for us as an auto dealer and agent.
Firstly, we will be looking at the following laws:

1. The law of attraction: The law of attraction as posited by Jack Canfield. Just like gravity, the law of attraction is always in effect and always in motion.
Understanding how this law works in marketing give you a lead and niche over your competitors. You might be wondering what this law has to do with selling cars faster? In vehicle marketing, there are two things that make prospective buyers interested in our service.

P1: Price counts and determines sales in every business . From experience, price could either distract or attract potential prospects and if the asking price is outrageous with hope of making much profit, you may be disappointed. In a competitive market, selling 20% below market price gives you an edge to sell faster thereby increasing your chances of reinvestment and your price should be fair enough to attract prospects.
P2: This promotes the content of what you are selling and if taking for granted, no matter how affordable your selling price seems, prospects would not be interested and as a salesman, you must consider this as priority under law of attraction.

A good number of well taken pictures give you leads and attracts more prospects. A good example are pictures. Images promote the content of what you are marketing and the pictures must be very clear with high quality.
Other factors to consider in auto marketing may include:

i. Choose a popular mapping location to make for easy inspection.

ii. Assign a valid email and telephone number to your car listing and you must be ready to return missed calls.

iii. Honesty: the law of honesty is key in business and relationship. No matter how bitter the truth appears, the law of honesty could open more opportunities and gain referrals but if abused for personal gain or greed, it would lead to a down fall and failure. Where there is no honesty and integrity, there are no rooms for future referrals.

iv. Fear of rejection and frustration would cause delay in sales and thereby leaving you with depression. Always indicate the true state, condition and things to be fixed in description when listing your cars for sale online.

v. Law of interest: Law of attraction and honesty birth the law of interest if well followed with deligence. Analyzing a fair price, quality pictures and honest description of your car condition, state and reason for selling makes the sales faster.

Summary‚Ä® Your aim is to get more attention and in achieving this, your price must be juicy; pictures must be super quality; your phones lines must be open for calls; your location must be pretty easy to navigate and lastly your car description must be in exact state and condition.

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